Driving B2B Sales

Does your content do most of the selling for your company? Make sure that it does by registering for our upcoming Wake ‘Em Up Webinar: Driving B2B Sales through Content Marketing scheduled for July 24 from 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT. You’ll get an in-depth lesson on crafting a content strategy that mirrors an effective sales funnel.

Your hosts will be Paul Gustafson - president of the award-winning TDA Group content marketing agency - and Eric Thompson, MediaMobz’s VP of Business Development. In this 45-minute program they'll explain how to:

  • Tailor content to specific stages in the B2B sales cycle
  • Identify and fill critical content gaps cost-effectively
  • Create awareness and surface sales-ready leads
  • Optimize video and social media as a gateway to broader reach and deeper engagement

You’ll discover new ways to relay the right messages to the right audiences at the right time - and be encouraged to ask questions at the end of this straight-to-the-point session.

Click the button below to join our live session scheduled for July 24 from 11:00 pm PDT, 2 pm EDT.