Alternatives to Expensive, In-House Content Teams

Many companies are already outsourcing at least certain segments of their business operations, including the advertising department and content marketing. It’s smart to consider alternatives to building an in-house content team. From perspectives of cost, demand and scalability, there are advantages over hiring and developing internal personnel to handle your marketing strategy. Outsourcing enables you to reduce the same overhead expenditures your company faces in other departments. Payroll and benefits costs are minimized when you outsource, but it’s important to weigh the costs of both alternatives.

The true advantages enter the picture when you look at demand and scaling for your marketing efforts. Contracting out for some of your needs allows you to increase and decrease resources as necessary. With an in-house content team, you’re left paying the salaries of full-time employees regardless of demand and scale. In any event, it’s necessary to either build an effective in-house team or outsource. Attempting to cut corners by re-assigning other non-marketing staff to handle your content needs is a mistake. To find out more about the great advantages of outsourcing your video content with MEDIAmobz, check out the full article on our blog.